Good morning children,

I hope that you have done all the work that I have set for you over the last two days.

Today, when you share the story of the Three Little Pigs with your mummy or your daddy or a brother or sister, maybe you can tell them the story, reading as many of the words as you can. You might need some help as some of the words are hard but you can try to remember the story by looking at the pictures as well.

Once you have read the story, I want you to write the next two parts of the story in your own words:

The first time the wolf tried to trick the little pig…

The second time the wolf tried to trick the little pig…

Remember to use the word mat to help you with some of the harder spellings and you can Fred talk the other words. Don’t worry if you spell some of the words wrong – just keep trying. Now you can draw and colour in pictures to match.

Next I want you to cut out the 6 pictures on the story sequencing sheet and look carefully at each picture. Can you put them in the right order? When you think you have got them in the right order, you can stick them onto the sheet numbered 1-6 and write a sentence for each one.

After that I would like you to find the sheet of ‘Three Little Pigs Home Learning Challenges’. Can you find the challenge about designing a new house for the little pigs? What kind of house would you build if you were one of the little pigs in the story? Draw a fantastic picture of your designer house in the orange book and label the different parts. When you have finished it you can write a short description of it, telling me what it is made out of and how it will keep the little pigs safe.

Maths – I want you to do numbers 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the Doubles Magician’s challenges. You can use the counters that I have given you to help you find the doubles or you can draw the pictures in the orange book that I gave you as you did yesterday. Then you can do both the Number Shape Doubles worksheets. You might be remembering some of the doubles now without having to count them. I hope so!

If you still want to do some more learning today then choose one or two activities from the Art Activities, Building and Modelling, Exploring and Measuring, Helping Round the Home, Make Believe and Play or the Movement sheets.

Please try to watch a Read Write Inc speed sound lesson on YouTube at some point today if you can.

Here is the timetable:

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