Good morning everybody.

Today we are getting towards the end of our week of poetry. This poem is from the bitesize lesson that you can find here.

You can listen to Oti read the poems and look at all the activities but I would like you to particularly concentrate on this activity.

Read the poem Excuses by Allan Ahlberg.

While you read, think about the question below.

  • Is it the same child with lots of excuses or different children speaking?

Top tip!

Read the last line very carefully: ‘So… can we start again?’


I’ve write on the wrong page, Miss. My pencil went all blunt. My book was upside-down, Miss. My book was back to front.

My margin’s gone all crooked, Miss. I’ve smudged mine with my scarf. I’ve rubbed a hole in the paper, Miss. My ruler’s broke in half.

My work’s blew out the window, Miss. My work’s fell in the bin. The leg’s dropped off my chair, Miss. The ceiling’s coming in.

I’ve ate a poison apple, Miss. I’ve held a poison pen! I think I’m being kidnapped, Miss! So . . . can we start again?

1. This poem is full of excuses, but which one is the best excuse?

Draw a horizontal line and write 'best' on the left hand side and 'worst' on the right hand side. This is your scale.

Now position the excuses on your scale to show your opinion about which are the best and which are the worst excuses.

Can you create a better excuse?

2. Imagine you are giving awards to the excuses. Which excuse is the funniest, the most dramatic and the least likely?

Record your ideas in a table with a reason.

AwardWinning ExcuseReason

The funniest excuse

The most dramatic excuse

The excuse that is least likely to happen.

Next have a look at the grid that I posted on this blog yesterday or get the one out of your pack if you have collected it. Lets try the maths activity at the bottom of the column. Complete a shape hunt in your house. Make a list of 2D and 3D shapes and try to find examples of them around your home. Which shape was the most common? Remember to practice your tables. I put a tables booklet in your pack. Try the first two pages. Then there should be a blank page where you can try to write out the table without copying it. Ask a grown up to check it.

This afternoon try one of the science activities. You could start your nature diary or watch one of the videos clips. Remember to tick or colour in the square on the grid so that you don't repeat the same activities next time. We need to try most of them over the next couple of weeks. I am colouring them in on my copy so that I don't ask you to do the same one lots of times!

Have a great day. Keep checking Purple Mash, I put your logins in your pack. I mark all the work I get sent and reply to all the messages I get. I have started a new book called The Golden Apples on there. Tomorrow I will have some questions for you about it so read it carefully.

Stay in touch,

Mrs Jenkins😊

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