Happy Friday 4S!

First, let’s get active with Joe Wicks:

I would like you to write a diary/journal entry about what you have done each day this week. How have you felt? Which was your favourite part of this week? Why? What are you looking forward to doing next week? Please write a page in your book.

Enjoy chapter 5 here: , then answer three more questions from your reading tasks. Please answer these in your books.

Next, there games on your 2dos on Purple Mash called Money up to £1 that I would like you to complete. This will put together all you have practised this week on money and coins. You can also choose one maths game to complete from your learning pack if you can’t access those games. Remember I am available to message if you have any problems with your work.

Post a piece of art to one of your neighbours, it could be a rainbow to make them smile or something you think they’d love to see and read.

Well done guys, have a great weekend!

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