Hello everyone!

It's Friday! How quickly has this week gone. Time is flying, we will be back to normal before we know it!

Thank you everyone who picked up their new learning packs, I hope you have had a look through and enjoy the work in there. It is challenging but if we want to continue to learn, we have to challenge ourselves still and this is your time to take ownership of that. We can guide you but the effort put in is all you guys. If you haven't be able to collect your pack yet, do not worry, I will post them through your day today and I will start setting tasks in these from Monday.

This week's Home Learning Star of the Week is Austinas for he exceptional Model of the Solar System! Well done!

So today's work!! Lets go!


On Purple Mash I have set a 2 do called 'Film Seen.' This is chapter 1 of the book, have a read. Could you then launch the 2 do 'Multiple Choice.' These are questions about Chapter 1.

Could you then tell me about the main character. Write a brief description.

Who are they? How old are they? What do they look like? What else do we know?


So I received this email on Purple Mash. Don't know if any of you got one? As I am really busy today handing packs out, thought I'd let you put a reply together. Could you do a bit of research and answer this for me. Make sure you plan your answer first, as I don't just want to reply with a basic answer, lets show him we have done our research.

Make sure you email in an email format. It should be quite formal but feel free to ask some of your own questions.

You can email me your work and I will send some replies.


I have set the 2 do 'Fractonio's Pizzeria.' This is a fun game which involves you using your understanding of fractions to create and deliver the correct order.

Once you have completed this, could you please create your own pizza. Split it into 6 equal slices and add different toppings onto the pizza. Write a description of your pizza using only fractions. For example, 1/6 mushrooms, 5/6 cheese (you can have more than one topping on each slice).


At the moment a large percentage of the world are living with some restrictions to normal life as we know it. We live in a small town, however, across the world there are different types of settlements. Follow the link above to read about these and have a go at the tasks.


Exercise fun!

If you want a challenge, have a go at this. Make sure you complete it safely in a big space. I will be having a go at home! It's all about balance! Have fun.

KS2 Home PE Sock Challenge

Our latest Home PE activity is The Sock Challenge. Stay fit and active during the lockdown with our fun program of activities that kids can complete at home. When you've mastered this challenge don't forget to let us know what you think of our activities and your best time by posting on our Facebook page:

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay home, stay safe, don't worry!

Remember I am on Purple Mash if you need anything.

Miss Connearn

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