Friday 24th April,

Hi everyone, here’s some more learning tasks for you to have a go at.

Today includes some work that follows on from yesterday and some completely new stuff to tackle.

Comprehension – Today’s tasks:

  • complete the reading task entitled ‘The Telephone Box’.

  • The phone box in the text was turned into a small local library. Use your imagination - can you think of a different use for an old phone box? Describe how would it work? Draw your phone box – what colour would the outside be? What would the inside look like?

Maths – hopefully yesterday’s work on magic squares was easy to understand and today’s task follows on directly from that.

  • Complete the page with the 4 x 4 squares on it. These all use the numbers from 1 – 16 but some have already been used.

The task looks simple but you may need to attempt each problem more than once, as you may not get the correct solution first time. This is a test of your resilience (not giving up) and may rely upon a process called ‘trial and improvement’. Basically, if you don’t get it right first time – try again and again until you solve it.

Spelling – find the booklet in your pack entitled ‘Correct the spelling mistake’.

  • Complete the task on the front cover. Have a go at spelling each circled word correctly and then use a dictionary or an on line dictionary to check and mark your answers.

  • Can you find a smaller word in each word to help you remember how to spell it e.g. soldier – soldier (‘soldier’ has the smaller word ‘old’ in it).

  • In your exercise book, use each circled word (correctly spelled) in a good Year Six sentence – one that perhaps contains a main clause and a subordinate / relative clause e.g.

  • The princess, who was really short sighted and wore terrifically thick spectacles, didn’t recognise the prince at first.

Main clause (what the sentence is about) Relative or subordinate clause (extra information)

Writing – Read the ‘Thank you letter’ you wrote yesterday.

  • Now go through and edit it (use a green pen if possible) looking for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Have you written in paragraphs? Used interesting vocabulary? Included a number of required punctuation marks e.g. , . ! ? ; :

  • Today, you need to create a neat, final draft of your letter using your best handwriting – remember it should be fluent, legible and (if you can) joined up.

If you haven’t finished your Top 5 favourite books poster yet, please try to finish it today and remember it should be eye catching and make someone want to read it. My top 5 children’s books:

  1. Holes 2) Clockwork 3) Revolting Rhymes 4) The Iron Man 5) The Fwog Pwince

Now after all that, try to find a quiet corner where you can enjoy reading the book of your choice – without distraction for at least 20 minutes.

I hope you succeeded in completing day two of your new learning pack.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Mr A.

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