Good morning Reception Class,

Let’s see if we can finish this pack today so that we can start a new story in week 2. You can finish things off at the weekend if you want to if you have got a lot to do..

For the last time I want you to share the story of the Three Little Pigs with someone. You can join in with the text as it should be very familiar to you by now.

I want you to finish writing the story in your own words and draw some fantastic pictures.

The third time the wolf tried to trick the little pig…(a trip to the fair)

The wolf falls down the chimney…

You have got an envelope with an activity inside called ‘sentence building’. You will probably need some help with this activity as there is a lot of reading to do. All the parts of a sentence are there but they are cut up and mixed up. You need to put all the parts together to build sentences. I have done the first one for you:

One day the Three Little Pigs leave home to build their own houses .

Once you have built every sentence (there are 8 altogether) I want you to copy them in your very best handwriting into the green book that I gave you. Make sure all the letters sit on the line and make the tall letters tall and the long letters long. Don’t forget finger spaces too.

Maths – See if you can tell someone what all the doubles are without having to count.

Double 1 is… Double 6 is…

Double 2 is… Double 7 is…

Double 3 is… Double 8 is…

Double 4 is… Double 9 is…

Double 5 is… Double 10…

To check your answers you can do the two Butterfly Doubles. If you want to do some more maths, you can create your own Doubles sheets in the orange book. Look at my example.

double 8 is 16

8 spots + 8 spots

Now you can do any of the Home Learning Challenges or activities from the other sheets. Have your drawn a self-portrait yet or drawn your own house yet? Have you built a house for an animal or a spaceship out of recycled boxes? Have another look at those ideas and see if you can do some more over the weekend to keep yourself busy and learning.

Have a brilliant day and I will be in touch again on Monday morning

Love from Mrs Abram

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