Back to Monday again,

I had a busy weekend baking and I think I may have a great treat for us all when we are back. I have found baking very relaxing during this time. How are you relaxing when you aren’t working? Maybe you could try something? Some people read, draw, knit or exercise to relax. Have a go and find what helps your family relax.

Today I would like you to complete the lessons on both BBC Bitesize and the Oak National Academy and also complete the writing about the giraffe on the moon from your packs. How did he get there? Does he meet anyone? What do they look like? How is he feeling? How does he get home? Show an adult your writing? Is it writing to be proud of or can you make it even better? What could you do to improve it?

I am really missing listening to you all read, I am sure you are getting better and better every day, I would like you to practice the book in your pack.

Have a lovely day today!

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