Morning all,

Hope you have had a nice weekend and have had chance to enjoy the lovely weather! We have had some nice walks and Ava has enjoyed some time in her paddling pool.

So this morning I would like to go back to the story 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch'

English: As you know Mr Grinlings lunch was stolen by those naughty seagulls. I would like you to plan and design a new lunch that Mr Grinling would enjoy. This could be as straightforward as a lovely sandwich and some things to go with it or it could be more a meal for example a fancy salad or stew. Write it a recipe including ingredients and some instructions on how to make it. A picture of what it would look like at the end too would be great.

Spellings to practise and be tested on by the end of the week.

Maths: I would like you to go on maths frame and have a go at the game matching digital and analogue times.

This interactive resource is a fantastic matching pairs game based on time. Have a go at matching the analogue clock times with the written time. I would like you to go on this throughout this week to revise your recall of time.

Ask an adult to test you on different times.


RE: Why is a church a special place for Christians?

Inside a church… « RE:start

What can you find inside a church? This interactive film helps you to explore the inside of a traditional church and explains some of the things you can find there. Places Inside a church… No FlashPlayer or HTML5 available. The Question Pod films attempt to answer the big questions around Christianity in a fun and relevant way.

I would like you to click on the doors of the church and learn about the different things that you would find in a church e.g. altar, lectern, pulpit, font, pews, cross. Learn about them by clicking on them.

Finally draw a picture of each church item and write it's name and a description of what they are in your exercise book.


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