Good Morning Everybody.

I hope you had a good weekend and are ready to get back to our home learning. This morning I would like you to try the first comprehension sheet in our pack. I know how much you all like Roald Dahl so this one is from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Read the extract carefully and then answer the questions.

Read your answers back to check that they make sense. You could write on the sheet or in your new blue books. Write the date and try to present your work neatly. When we get back and I look at your books I will be giving out prizes for the most improved handwriting.

After that fill in the next two pages of your tables booklet and practice writing it out on the blank pages.

Then have a look at these maths challenges. Choose 2 that you think that they can do and have a go in your books.

Challenge 1

Can you work out the values of each shape?

Challenge 2

Tom has six 10p coins and three 5p coins. He buys an apple for 59p and two pencils.

He has no money left. How much does a pencil cost?

Challenge 3

Here are some digit cards.

Amir and Donna each make a three-digit number using all the cards.

Amir notices that when he subtracts his number from Donna's number he gets an answer greater than 300 but less than 400.

What numbers did they make?

This afternoon I want you to think about our allotment. The beans and potatoes are doing well and will need looking after when we get back.

Have a look at this video or read the instructions underneath.

Remember we have been asked as a class to encourage the infant children to start gardening. It would be fantastic if some of you could try some of these activities from the RHS. Make a little container garden to care for at home. If you don't have any seeds at home let me know and I will see if I can send you some.

If you are keen to do a bit more gardening at home, then this is the website where I found the idea.

How to: make a milk bottle watering can

RHS young ambassador, George, shows you how to make a simple watering device from an old milk bottle!

This afternoon spend a bit of time reading the website and then either make a milk bottle can or plan a miniture garden.You can use your can or save it to bring into school. If you complete any of the activities then please take a photo and send it to me on Purple Mash or the school Facebook page.

Have a good day, stay safe and stay in touch.

Mrs Jenkins.😊

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