Morning everyone. I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to start a brand new week of home learning.

Well, what’s in store for you all this week?

In your maths pack you need to find the sheet call Arithmagons. It is on page 154. I’ve chosen this task for you today as it is similar to the magic square task you completed last week so the skills needed should be the same (trial and improvement). You will need to record this task in your exercise books.

  • Read the example shown. It is quite straight forward.

  • Start on Section A (green) to get your brain working and then have a go at Section B (pink).

  • If you manage to finish both A and B then have a go at the challenge section (section C/purple) but it will need some careful thought as it is quite… challenging.

Spelling -Now find the sheet titled ‘Statutory Spelling list assessment grid – Year 5/6’.

  • Make a look cover write check table with room for the first six words: accommodate accompany according achieve aggressive amateur.

  • Fill in the Look Cover Write Check table in the usual way

  • Once the chart is full, look up the meaning of each word in a dictionary or online. Copy the definition into your books.

Now use each word in a good Year Six sentence that includes a main clause and either a relative clause or subordinate clause e.g. Main clause relative clause

The policeman asked the hoodie-wearing teenager, who was acting suspiciously, to accompany him to the police station.

  • Now see if you can find a smaller word within each word to help you spell it correctly e.g. Desperate

English - Now find the Booklet entitled Spring English Activity Booklet – it has got a yellow chick on the front.

  • Have a go at page 1 - unlucky synonyms and antonyms. You can answer in the booklet.

  • Now read the extract from the book ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson-Burnett on page 2 and answer the 6 questions on page 3.

  • Now have a go at the crossword on page 5. Read the clues and put the correct answer in the right place to complete the challenge. Remember to spell the answers correctly or the crossword will not work. If in doubt, use a dictionary.

  • Challenge – make up your own crossword for someone else to complete. Think about who is going to try and complete your crossword and how old they are as this will dictate the level of the questions you ask. If it is someone from our class – your questions could be about one of the books we have read.

Reading - Find a quiet space -where you won’t be disturbed- and read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.

Extra Task - Look at the Practical Ideas sheet and find the ‘Design a Superhero’ task.

  • Draw yourself in your superhero outfit and explain what superhero powers you would have e.g. superman can fly faster than a speeding bullet, has superhuman strength and can leap tall buildings etc.

  • Create a short comic strip adventure for your superhero.

Good luck, stay safe

Mr A

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