Hello again,


This morning I'd like you to have a go at joining in with this video to get your mind and body ready.

KS1 English: Adjectives & Adverbs with Johnny & Inel - BBC Teach

KS1 English: Apostrophes with Sasha & Tyler. The Dumping Ground's Annabelle Davis and Miles Butler-Hughton bring apostrophes to life with a Key Stage 1 song and movement routine to get your class ...

This video is a focus on adjectives and adverbs that you can use in your writing.

I would like you to remind yourself of the story we have been reading the 'Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' and think about the problems Mr Grinling had with the seagulls stealing his lunch. I would liek you to devise a cunning plan to trick the seagulls and stop them from getting his lunch. Obviously in the story Mrs Grinling put mustard on the sandwich and when they ate it they hated it therefore putting them off the idea of stealing it. Your idea could be around putting something disgusting in for lunch or perhaps setting a trap for the seagulls.

Write in your exercise book a description of what you would do to stop those naughty seagulls. Remember to put detail in to describe exactly what you would do. Punctuate your sentences using capital letters and full stops.


Have a go at this cheerleading Time song. It's fun and will give you some great vocabulary on time.

I have set you some 2do tasks on time on purple mash. There are also some great time worksheets if you have access to a printer on their too. Or you could draw clock faces in your book and have a go at setting different times such as, half past and quarter past the hour.



I have set a 2do on creating an information poster on the vital (important) organs in the body. For example the brain, heart, liver, intestine, lungs etc

You will need an adult to support you so that you can understand and write a simple sentence describing what the job of each organ is.

Good luck!

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