Happy Tuesday year 3,

Today I want you to learn how to compare numbers up to 1000. Watch the video and read the information on

Then complete the dice dilemma game

Dice dilemma activity by writing two digit numbers on paper and comparing them using the greater than and less than signs

For example

243> 176


If you don’t have a dice, ask an adult to give you numbers to compare.

For English - In chapter 3 Hogarth regrets trapping the Iron man in the pit. He says “We’re sorry we trapped you and buried you. We promise we will not deceive you again. Follow us and you can have all the metal you want.”

Imagine you are Hogarth and you are feeling very guilty about trapping the Iron Man in the pit. Write a letter explaining how you feel, remember to explain why you believe you need to say sorry and how you intend to make amends for your actions.

Today’s spellings

Every, everybody, even, great, break.

In the afternoon choose on of the subjects from your home learning pack,

Mrs Grady.

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