Good morning everyone,

I hope that you have all got your new packs now and have found the books that I put in there for you. It was strange choosing books for you all from our lovely reading corner without you being there.

We need to make sure that we can read uninterrupted for 15minutes.

Please read one of the books in your pack or a book from oxford owls for 15 minutes without stopping. Tell a grown up what has happened in the part you have just read. If you need a new book then I am in school today and if you ask a grown up to ring the office then I will be able to arrange for a new one to be available for you to pick up or be dropped off.

Check our story on Purple Mash. Here are some questions you can answer. Work in your blue exercise book and remember to write the date and use your best handwriting.

If you can't get onto purple mash then complete a reading task from your pack on the reading book you read this morning instead of these questions.

Look at Chapter 1 of the new book I have set as a 2do on Purple mash. There are some questions on the website or you could try these.

1. Look at the paragraph beginning: “Put the apples…

Write down one word that has a similar meaning to mimicking.

2. Look at the paragraph beginning: “Maybe you’re too… to the paragraph ending: …if she could.

Write down the names of the sisters in age order, starting with the oldest.

3. What did the girls’ mother teach them before she died?

4. Look at the paragraph beginning: Chordia smiled… to the paragraph ending: …see it too.”

Why did the girls’ father need so many golden apples?

Next, lets do some grammar. Watch this lesson on prepositions and complete some of the tasks in your blue book. If you want a challenge then go back to the reading you did this morning and hunt for prepositions in the part you have just read. Make a list in your exercise book.

Home learning with BBC Bitesize - KS2 primary English for year 4 - BBC Bitesize

Activity 2. Complete the Missing Prepositions activity sheet.. You can either print out this activity sheet or write your answers on a piece of paper. Top tip! Read all the preposition options ...

Now for some maths. Do you remember before Christmas you were getting quite good at adding numbers together. Have a look at this lesson and try some of the activities.

That is a lot of work for today.! This afternoon try to do some exercise or finish one of the gardening activities I set yesterday. I will be doing these activities today in school. I will take some photos of your beans and potatoes and post them on here tomorrow.

Remember you can exercise with Joe Wicks. Follow this link.

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