Good morning Year 4!

Let’s begin with 20 minutes of reading, or you could listen to today’s short story at and then answer three questions from your reading tasks, please answer these in your books.

Now find week 1 day 2 in your learning pack.

Please complete today’s spellings by using the look/say/cover/write/check method.

Did you get the right? Don’t forget to keep practising any that you are still finding tricky.

Next write a sentence for each work either on that sheet or in your exercise book. Please use a conjunction or comma in your sentence to make it a super detailed complex sentence with adjectives, adverbs and different punctuation. Check and self-edit once you are done.

For maths, complete your learning in your exercise book starting with today’s date and Summer week 1 day 2 labelling each with the question number. Add two 2 digit numbers together using the column method.

Next in English, Using your generated vocabulary yesterday, write a story about the picture. Where do you think the carriage is flying to? Who may be inside? Write your story in your exercise book.

Now choose one history/geography challenge from your grid and complete in your exercise book.

Finally, end your day with a workout from Joe Wicks!

Stay safe

Miss Sumner

Well done!

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