Hello everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed the work yesterday!

Let’s get going with today's work.


On Purple Mash I have added Chapter 2 of 'Film Seen' in your 2do’s. Take your time to read through this ready to answer the multiple-choice questions.

Now check your 2 do ‘Multiple Choice’ about Chapter 2 and complete this.

Could you write a quick summary of the story so far? This only has to be a few lines. Imagine someone hasn't read the book but wants to know what it is about, does your summary tell them all the important parts?


Have a look at your 'Writing Opportunities' sheet.

We will be looking at writing opportunity 2. Read the story starter and the task.

Could you plan a short story about the day in the life of Emily? Or you could write one about yourself with Emily’s ‘secret power.’

What does her day consist of? Plan different events and how they make her feel. How do these feelings effect the weather? Link different feelings with different weather.

Example of feelings- happy, sad, disappointed, jealous, angry, proud, worried, excited, scared.

Examples of weather- sunny, raining, windy, misty, icy, snowing, boiling hot, hail stoning, stormy.

How does the weather change? Quickly, gradually, slowly? Does anybody notice?

Once you have planned the events and linked the weather, could you write an introduction to your story introducing Emily, explaining why she is different to other children.

Next find your list of spellings in your pack.

Choose 3 words and look at the sheet behind it (different ones from yesterday). Choose 3 different techniques to write out the word in your exercise book.

Now try to spell the word without looking.....did you spell it correctly?


As a starter complete a column from your first times tables Rockstar sheet.

Everyone find your Maths booklet or Maths sheet in your pack. I would like you to have a go at the first task. Take your time to work out what it is asking you to do and how to tackle it. Practise the first one and ask an adult to check your work.

Now finish all the questions.

We do have slightly different packs, some of you will need a place value grid. Copy and use the one below.


At the beginning of the year we all agreed that our class would work as a team, working together to solve problems and achieve set goals.

Follow the link below to complete an online lesson about the importance of teamwork and how different roles are essential to the success of a team.

Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - Wellbeing for Year 5 - BBC Bitesize

This video clip helps explain what teamwork is to your child. Six young children are learning the skills needed to work as a team on a search and rescue challenge.

Once you have read through the lessons and watched the videos click on the link below.

If you can print this, then great, if not you can copy this onto a piece of paper. Writing each sentence in a balloon or just a circle and finish the sentence relevant to yourself.


Let complete a little bit of Joe Wicks! It is important to keep active!!

PE With Joe | Tuesday 28th April - YouTube

Buster finds his beat read by Kemi-Bo Jacobs | Tàta Storytime. *New episode Tuesday 28th April - Duration: 6:13. Tàta Storytime Recommended for you. New

Enjoy your day everyone! I am missing you all lots. One day closer to normality!

Stay safe!

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