Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a go at the tasks I set you yesterday and that you managed to produce some quality work – I’m sure you did.

Here are the tasks I would like you to attempt today:

Maths – Hopefully, you were all able to have a go at sections A and B on page 154 (Arithmagons).

  • Today, I would like you to finish sections A and B

  • Attempt Section C - it will take some thinking about. I doubt you will be able to solve them at your first attempt. Be resilient – if your first attempt is incorrect, don’t give up; be systematic and try and improve the answer next time. See it as a challenge. When I tried these, I worked them out as two triangles rather than one square. Have a go and don’t worry if you need a number of attempts – just stick with it. And try to enjoy the challenge.

Spelling –

  • Find and complete the dark-blue wordsearch entitled ‘Initial sound followed by a double consonant’.

  • Once you have found all the words, look up and copy their definitions (from a dictionary or online) on the back of the sheet.

  • Now choose 5 of the words and write a good Year six sentence for each one. Try to include a fronted adverbial if you can e.g.

As the fire alarm sounded, the children immediately made their way to the playground.


  • to the weather forecast, it is going to rain all next week.

Writing: Find the Writing opportunities sheet – the one with the small pictures to help you.

  • Look at the second task – the picture shows a girl holding up an umbrella and on the inside of the umbrella is a cloudy blue sky.

  • Read the writing starter opposite the picture. Imagine if your moods could control the weather -for example, when you’re sad and crying – it rains, when you’re happy and smiling, the sun shines. What mood would create thunder and lightning or gale force winds? What about snow or hailstones?

  • Now write a story about what happens to the girl in the picture (Emily) throughout the day and how her feelings affect the weather. (What happens to make her sad? What happens to make her angry? etc and how does the weather change to suit her mood?).

Reading: Find a quiet spot in the classroom where you can read a book of your choice for at least 20 mins.

Now find the ‘Practical Ideas’ sheet in your pack and attempt this challenge:

  • How many times can you throw a ball in the air, clap then catch it again in a minute? Can you set and beat your own record?

  • Can you make it more difficult by clapping twice then three times before catching it? How many of each can you do in a minute? Find a way to record each challenge you complete.

Have a good day and remember to stay safe.

Mr A.

Mr A.

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