Hopefully you enjoyed doing some of those active learning videos and singing for English and Maths yesterday!


Make sure you are practising your spellings daily. Writing them out several times and practising your handwriting is a great way to rehearse them. Also, looking up their definitions in a dictionary or on google and using them in sentences, will help you better understand them and remember how to spell them.


Today I would like you to write a character description to describe Mr Grinling. In the book it describes his personality well, e.g. he was very hardworking, dedicated to his work but you could also describe the way he looks too. Remember to use lots of adjectives and 2A sentences to describe him and conjunctions like, because, so, if etc. Write this in your exercise book, neatly.


We have been focusing on Time and I hope you are beginning to understand how to tell analogue and digital time a little better now.

I would like you to do some revision on 2D shapes. Follow the link to remind yourself of all their names and properties of the shapes. Then complete the activities below and the quiz at the end.

Then I have set you a 2do on purplemash and it's a 2D shape matching game to complete as fast as you can to beat the timer.



Continue to create your information poster on the body parts on purple mash or on a piece of paper. This may take a bit longer.

If you have finished then I would like you to complete the Joe Wicks daily PE lesson.

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