Good morning everybody.

I thought that you might like an update on your bean plants. Haven't they grown?

Did any of you make a watering can yesterday? These are the ones that we made in school today.

We discovered that you really need to remember to put a hole in the bottle just under the handle at the back. That allows the air to flow through the bottle and helps the water to flow out of the holes that you put in the lid.

Today I would like you to write a letter to Mrs Bolton. I thought that if she could see how well our beans are growing and how keen we are to look after them we might persuade her to let us have some money to buy some more seeds or bulbs to plant in the autumn. We would have to ask politely and persuade her that it would make the school look beautiful, it would help the younger children learn about plants and soil and...…. can you think of any other reasons why she should give us some money. You will have to set your letter out nicely in your book and maybe do some research into how much some basic tools, bags of compost and packets of seeds cost. Once you have written your letter sign it and read it back to make sure that it makes sense and sounds persuasive. Remember to write the date and always use your best handwriting.

After that make sure you have done some maths and reading. Please keep reading your new books. You should be able to read silently without being distracted for 20 minutes. Ask an adult to time you.

Now for some maths.

Can you find the hundred square in your pack? Have a look at the first page of activities that go with it. There are 5 bullet points. Each one is an activity you can do with the 100 square in front of you. Next try to complete the missing number activities underneath. We will be coming back to this 100 square and these activities so don't lose it.

This afternoon I would like you to try some history. Look at the first activity on our grid under the history/geography heading. I wonder if you can see India Mill or Darwen Tower from your street or on one of your trips out for exercise? I didn't know much about them until I looked at these websites. Maybe you could ask people you live with if they know anything else once you have looked. Make a good colourful poster filled with facts and drawings. let me know what the most interesting fact you found out was.

You can email me your facts or take a photo of your work and send it to me.

Have a good day.

Stay in touch,

Mrs Jenkins 😊

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