Hello 4S, I hope you’re all ok?

Let’s begin with a workout!

Grab a book and enjoy 20 minutes of reading, or you could listen to today’s short story at and then answer three questions from your reading tasks, please answer these in your books.

Now find week 1 day 3 in your learning pack. Please complete today’s spellings by using the look/say/cover/write/check method. Did you get the right? Don’t forget to keep practising any that you are still finding tricky.

Next write a sentence for each work either on that sheet or in your exercise book. Please use a conjunction or comma in your sentence to make it a super detailed complex sentence with adjectives, adverbs and different punctuation. Check and self-edit once you are done.

For maths, look at your number wheels for today’s work. Multiple the number on the inside by the one on the outside, then write the answer around the outside. This can be done on the sheet. Can you make your own in your exercise book to complete tomorrow?

In English, recap inverted commas by completing the activities in your learning pack for today. Now write a conversation between you and a family member about a topic of your choice. For example: your favourite hobby or what you did at the weekend. Write these in your exercise book.


Finally choose a creative task from your challenge grid and complete

Let’s have some fun at home, remember it’s still important to do your homework when you can and to keep your brains ticking along. We’ve created this pack especially for you, there’s loads of fun things to do inside with top tips to keep your eyes healthy, facts about our eyes, colouring-in sheets and much more. C’mon, let’s have some fun!


Finally choose a creative task from your challenge grid and complete.

Amazing work!

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