Hello everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed the work yesterday!

Let’s get going with today's work.


I would like you to read for 20 minutes independently this morning, find a quiet place and enjoy your book. Can you make a note of any words you come across that you are unsure of the meaning. After you have finished reading use a dictionary or an online dictionary to find the definition of these words. Can you put each word into a sentence?


Have a look at your 'Writing Opportunities' sheet.

Yesterday we looked at writing opportunity 2.

Today I would like you to use the plan you made yesterday and continue with your story. Make sure you put different events into paragraphs and that your story flows. Use exciting vocabulary to keep the reader entertained. Check your grammar and punctuation at the end of each paragraph. I would like some quality year 5 and 6 work please.

Reminder of feelings and weather.

Example of feelings- happy, sad, disappointed, jealous, angry, proud, worried, excited, scared.

Examples of weather- sunny, raining, windy, misty, icy, snowing, boiling hot, hail stoning, stormy.


As a starter complete a column from your first times tables Rockstar sheet.You will be using your times tables a lot today!

Follow the link below for today's online Maths lesson- short and long multiplication. This is something we have covered in class so use the lesson as a reminder even if you feel confident.

Short and long multiplication

29 April - Learn how to perform short and long multiplication.

Here are two different tasks for you to complete in your books.

Task 1- short multiplication

Task 2- long multiplication

PSHE- Change

Recently there have been a lot of changes in our routine, school, playing out, restrictions on spending time with family and friends, staying home more. Changes like these can sometimes change how we feel. Now I hope we are all feeling positive about our school work and getting back to normal, so I thought we could reflect on our time at school through the years and offer some advice.

I have set some 2 do's on Purple Mash. The first is a change timeline, I would like you to think of your favourite memories from each year at school.

Your next 2 do's are called 'Dear Mrs Jones....' This involves you watching the video and then offering some advice on how to deal with the problem the children or lady is experiencing.

To finish our day I would like you to tell me about your new routines. What do you do in a morning? What have you been doing to keep busy? Tell me about your favourite games or walks. Anything that you do on a daily basis.


Let complete a little bit of Joe Wicks! It is important to keep active!!

PE With Joe | Wednesday 29th April - YouTube

BIZZIE GOLD BUTI YOGA Total Body Tone 45 Minutes WORKOUT 2 // BEAST. The Home Fitness Centre - Duration: 46:24. The Home Fitness Centre 25,176 views

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Stay safe!

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