Hello everyone.

I hope you all had a go at the work I set for you yesterday and that you enjoyed doing it. I know the maths was a little challenging if you managed to get to section C but it is important to move out of your comfort zone now and again.

Maths – Today I’d like you to find the Spring themed Maths Activity booklet. It has a picture of a couple of lambs on the front cover.

  • Have a go at the multiplication code breaker questions on page 1. Each picture represents a digit in a 5 digit number. All you have to do is work out the 5 digit number and then either divide it or multiply it depending on which question you are answering. Make sure you read the last part of the question carefully.

  • Now have a look at the next page – Percentages code breaker. Each letter of the alphabet represents a number. The number 6 is an A and the number 15 is a B and so on. All you have to do is work out each percentage question, write down the answer and find out what letter it represents e.g.

25% of 20 = ¼ of 20 = 5 so I look on the code breaker and see that the number 5 represents the letter D.

If you get stuck remember to find 10% and work from there. (If you know 10%, you know 5% (half) and 20% (double).

Comprehension – Find the comprehension Reading booklet entitled ‘The Holiday.

  • Carefully read the fictional story ‘The Holiday’ – it is three sides long! Now use the reading answer booklet to answer questions 26 to 36. There are a couple of three mark questions which want you to answer in a lot of detail and these will need careful thought. Remember that 3 mark questions usually need you to make a point, find some evidence from the text and add an explanation in your own words.

Writing – Today you get a chance to edit and redraft your writing from yesterday. If you remember it was all about your feelings controlling the weather.

  • Use a green pen and check your spellings, grammar and punctuation in the usual way. Have you used: paragraphs ? ! : ; ‘ , . correctly? Check your spellings with a dictionary or online. Are your sentences good year 6 sentences?

  • Now write out a neat final draft in your best handwriting – remember it needs to be fluent, legible and joined up if you can.

Reading – Make sure you find a quiet spot where you can read a book of your choice undisturbed for at least 20 minutes.

Extra Task – Find the Home Learning Challenge Grid.

  • Look in the Maths column, 2nd square down. There is a website link to a ‘top marks’ maths game site. Try logging onto this site and playing a few games of your choice. Have fun.

Good luck with the work and remember to stay safe.

Mr A.

Mr A.

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