Good morning Reception Class,

I hope that you have done all the work that I have set for you over the last two days. Please start the day off by watching a Read Write Inc lesson on YouTube.

Then today, when you share the story of the Little red Riding Hood with your mummy or your daddy or a brother or sister, maybe you can tell them the story, reading as many of the words as you can. You might need some help as some of the words are hard but you can try to remember the story by looking at the pictures as well.

Once you have read the story, I want you to write the next part of the story in your own words:

Grandma’s cottage…

Remember to use the word mat to help you with some of the harder spellings and you can Fred talk the other words. Don’t worry if you spell some of the words wrong – just keep trying. Now you can draw and colour in pictures to match.

The next activity that I want you to do is write speech bubbles for each of the characters. Speech bubbles are bubbles that are drawn next to people’s mouths and the words written inside them are the words that they might say. Think back to the cutting and sticking activity that you did yesterday. You had to match the words next to the character that they fitted best. Do you remember? Well you might want to think of these when you write something that they might say. The wolf’s words are not likely to be all kind, sweet and gentle are they? Red Riding Hood’s words are not likely to be nasty, mean and scary are they? It is up to you to decide whether you write as if it is the beginning of the story, the middle or the end. Look at the one that I have done for you:

The writing is a little bit blurred so I have written it here and you will be able to see this much clearer.

Oh my goodness! That Big Bad Wolf is so crafty and cunning. He must have followed me all the way to Grandma’s house once before because when I got there today, he was in my Grandma’s bed pretending to be her! He is wicked.

Now I want you to write in the speech bubbles for Grandma, the Wolf and the Woodcutter. What do you think they might say? Have a chat with your mummy or someone else who might be able to help you about it first before you write. Don’t forget to use some of the words you learned yesterday to describe the different characters.

Maths – Please do the Butterfly Halves worksheet. When you have finished, please draw some more butterflies in your orange book, choosing an even number (2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20) and then drawing half the spots on one side and the other half on the other side. Make sure you colour them in very neatly and write the number sentence that goes with each butterfly.

You can finish today’s learning by choosing one of the other activities from the Art Activities, Building and Modelling, Exploring and Measuring, Helping Round the Home, Make Believe and Play or the Movement sheets or choose an activity from the Little Red Riding Hood Home Learning Challenge sheet.

I hope you all have a good day. Stay safe.

Mrs Abram

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