Good morning everybody.

Today we are going to try to finish a couple of things that you might have started.

First of all please spend 45 minutes doing reading activities. First continue to read a school book from one of your packs or one of your choices from Oxford Owl. You need to have completed a book by tomorrow.

Then, log on to purple mash and read the first two chapters of the story about the golden apple tree. Complete the quiz on line and then answer these questions in your blue book. You might need to use a dictionary to look up some of the words. You can use an online dictionary.

1. The princesses found their father in his chambers as always. He was dressed but slumped over his desk, which was piled high with polished golden apples.

What does the word slumped tell you about the way the king was sitting? ​

2. Look at the paragraph beginning: “There are no… to the paragraph ending: …was still there. ​

Why did the girls’ father think they had done something to the tree? ​

3. While they plotted and planned how they would use their gifts to catch the thief, servants rushed in and out, helping the sisters lay out all the lavish furnishings, food and drinks that they wanted. ​

What does the word lavish tell you about the furnishings, food and drinks? ​


4. What could the princesses have done differently to make sure that they didn’t miss the thief? ​

5. What will the king say to his daughters when he finds out that they didn’t catch the thief?

Next I would like you to complete the tables booklet in your pack and the sheets on the 100 square. By the time we all get back together you should be confident with most of your tables but definitely your 2,3,4,5, 10 and 6 times tables. If you are struggling then the games I set on purple mash or the maths factor website will help. You can choose the activities for the table you need to learn.

This afternoon we are going to try something new. I thought that we would try to learn some Spanish! Have a look at this lesson from Oak academy. Try the quiz at the start and then listen carefully to what the teacher on the video is saying. She leaves time for you to copy the letters and the numbers after she says them. Have a go. Let me know what you think. I am going to do it as well! The word mat I have copied might help you to practice the alphabet once the lesson is over.

If you have anything left to complete from previous lessons do it now. We often have finishing off time in school and you may need to complete your poster on the buildings or your letter to Mrs Bolton. You might have started to make a watering can or plant some seeds. Check your work makes sense and if you can see any "fix its" then do them. You might even want to do a second draft of one of the pieces of work you have done earlier. It is always good to stop and check our learning and I don't want to keep giving you lots of new tasks without letting you finish of what you have started. Some children have emailed me their work or photographed it and sent it as an attachment. I love seeing it.

Thank you.

Have a good day, stay in touch.

Mrs Jenkins.😊

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