Hello everyone!

Thursday.........Let go!!


I would like you to complete one of the reading comprehensions from your pack, you get to choose! Read through it carefully, highlight any information you think might be usefully and then answer the questions on the back. Take your time.

If you come across any words that you don't know the meaning of, use a dictionary or an online dictionary to find a definition.


Hopefully you have all finished writing opportunity 2. This is your time to edit your work. Read through it with fresh eyes on a new day. Could you use a different coloured pen or pencil to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Also could you up skill your work? Use an online thesaurus to find better adjectives, could you add parenthesis?

Today I would like you to take a look at your English summer booklet. I would like you to complete 3 pages from this today. Read the task and try your best, challenge yourself to produce the best work you possible can.


Yesterday we completed the lesson below, this involved both short and long multiplication.

I have left the link here so you can refer back to this link if you need to in today's task.

Short and long multiplication

29 April - Learn how to perform short and long multiplication.

Your task today involves using long multiplication to complete the worded problems below. Make sure you read the question to identify exactly what it is asking you to do. DO NOT FORGET THE 0


Have a look at this online lesson about understanding maps and symbols. We briefly touched on this in school so see what you remember in the quiz.

Task 1

Now, there is a map from a treasure island story below. Could you give the co-ordinates for all the different symbols.

Remember across the corridor, up the stairs (read it across then up)


Skull and cross bone is (1,3)

Task 2

Next can you describe a translation. For example, I want to move the skull and cross bone 3 to the right and 1 down. What are the new co-ordinates?

Ship- 5 up, 1 right

Treasure chest- 2 left, 2 up

Shark- 3 right, 1 down

Crown- 3 up, 1 left

Task 3

Now describe the translation

The fish moved to co-ordinates (4,8) describe the change.

Create your own questions.


Now you are Joe Wicks!

Create your own work out. What activities will you include? Can you get someone in your house to do it with you?

Keep going everyone, Friday tomorrow! Hopefully the sun will be back.

Stay safe!

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