Hello everyone,

Here’s the list of today’s tasks for you to have a go at.

Maths – Locate the maths sheet called ‘Multiplication pyramids’ page 155

  • First of all finish the maths work (the code breakers) from yesterday if you haven’t already done so.

  • Now look at the example at the top of page 155. You should see that the numbers at the bottom of the pyramid multiply together to make the numbers on the next layer and so on until you reach the number on the top.

  • Have a go today at Sections A and B – remember you are using your multiplication (and division) knowledge to solve these problems.

  • If you finish, have a go at the challenge section- Section C- but remember these will need thinking about carefully as they are quite tricky and you may not get the correct answer first time. (Just so you know, it took me 3 attempts to solve number 1). Good luck!

Spelling - Find the sheet entitled Common confusions (page19).

  • Read the section headed ‘Remember,’ which explains the common mistakes people make when spelling some words. Some nouns (naming words) and some verbs (doing words) look similar but are spelled differently e.g. advice (noun) & advise (verb). Both are spelled almost the same but one has a ‘c’ in it whilst the other has an ‘s’. Read and remember/highlight the top tip.

Writing – Locate the Practical Ideas sheet in your pack.

  • Find the box that asks you to write instructions to explain how to play your favourite game to your friend.

  • Now decide on your favourite game – it could be a computer game or a game like netball or football and write instructions to your friend about how to play it. You have to remember that your friend has never played the game before so your instructions have to be very clear. If it is a computer game for example, you will have to tell them what the buttons on the controllers do before you tell them how to play the game.

  • Try to include adverbs of time e.g. firstly , then, after this ….etc

Reading – Remember to find a quiet space where you can read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes without interruption.

Extra Task - Find the sheet headed Class 6A Home Learning Challenges.

  • Look at the column that says Science – Space and then read the instructions in the first box. It has a link to a website from BBC bitesize for you to watch and take notes from.

  • Now create a poster telling me all the facts about the planet Earth that you have learned from the video. Remember to include pictures as posters are supposed to be bright and colourful.

Have a great day and remember to stay safe.

Mr. A.

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