Good Morning Reception Class,

Did you manage to finish all of yesterday’s learning? I gave you a really tricky writing task yesterday, so how did you get on? Did you manage to use some describing words when you wrote inside the speech bubbles? I look forward to seeing what you have written when we all go back to school.

Today, when you share the story of Little Red Riding Hood with someone, you can tell them the story, reading as many of the words as you can. You have shared this book a few times now so you can really tell the story by looking at the pictures and because you now know the story so well.

The first writing task today is to write the last two pages of the story in your own words:

Red Riding Hood arrives at Grandma’s cottage…

The woodcutter comes to the rescue…

There are different versions of the story and you may have heard some of those versions before. The one that I like the best is where the Big Bad Wolf swallows Grandma down in one big gulp. When the woodcutter comes, he cuts the wolf’s tummy open with his axe and Grandma falls out in one piece! She is perfectly OK and not harmed in any way. She stitches the wolf’s tummy up and tells him off for being so wicked. The wolf is really sorry and learns to be good and kind and never hurts anyone again because he has learned his lesson. Maybe your mummy or daddy can tell you the story with an even different ending. Ask them if they have heard of a different one.

Anyway, I want you to choose how the story might end but make sure that the wolf isn’t killed by the woodcutter but he lives to write a letter to say how sorry he is. I want you to find the sheet that says ‘Write a Letter to Granny.’ Use the sheet to write a letter of apology to Grandma.

Next I want you to find the envelope with the sentence building activity inside. Match up the different parts to build sentences that make sense and tell the story. I have done the first one for you:

Little Red Riding Hood… lives in the cottage… in the woods.

When you have finished building all of the sentences, stick them all in the orange book in the right order. You don’t have to write them down as I think you have probably done enough writing for one day!

Maths – I would like you to do the ‘Halving Numbers’ sheet – the one with the candy canes and the green birds. Maybe today you could try to do them without using counters but if you need counters, that’s OK too.

You could finish the day by watching a Read, Write Inc lesson on YouTube and then spend about 20 minutes sharing some story books that you might have in your house with someone who can read them to you. See if you can find some words that you can read by blending the sounds – have a go!

Have a great day everyone and stay safe.

Mrs Abram

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