Hopefully you managed to sign up to oxford owl to start accessing all their ebooks regularly.

Today I would like you to ask your parent/carer to give you a spelling test on the spellings I gave you at the beginning of the week. Hopefully you have been practising them and will do well.


Today I would like you to retell the story of the 'Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' in your own words. I would like you to think about how you can add more description and some interesting vocabulary. If you need to replay the story and remind yourself of the key events of the story. This can be written in your exercise book or if you prefer you can type this up on the purplemash story app 2createastory. You can add pictures, sound and animations. I will leave it up to you but I will set it as a 2do so that you can access it easily.


Focus on 3D shapes today. Again follow the bbc bitesize link below. Watch the video to learn about the names and properties of 3D shapes, then complete the activity and the quiz at the end.

Then complete the 2do set on matching the 3D shapes and names. Be careful there re some tricky ones that you might not have heard of yet.


ICT: To create your own ebook.

I would like you to go on to purplemash and you will see a 2do set asking you to investigate and play with all the tools on the app 2 create a story app. Don't get this confused with the English task set this morning. As part of our ICT this half term you are going to be producing your own ebook. So once familar with the tools, create one page with a picture, animation, sound if possible and a couple of lines of writing. This could a page copied from a favourite story book.

Enjoy your weekend!

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