Good morning everyone,

Happy Friday! Before I give you today's learning I would like to tell you that if we were in school we would be having a celebration assembly and I would be giving out a star of the week. So I would like to let you know that our first home learning star of the week is Connor. 😊👍

He has sent me some great photos of the writing he has been doing in his book and I can tell by his emails that he is reading this and trying his hardest to do some of the work every day. Thank you Connor. I really appreciate the effort you and your Mum are putting in. I will e mail you a certificate!

I will do this every Thursday from now on. Maybe it will be you next week.

I have put two links on this message. The first one from heartsmart is a bit like an assembly for you. Watch the video and complete the activity. You will need a pencil and paper. You could do it in your exercise book. I watched it with my children and they told me about the places, people and games that they would write or draw about. Esther said her safe place is in a chair in her room with her music on and Edward said he likes to go into our little garden and play with our dog. I would love to see your ideas.

Next, have a look at the spellings. These are the first 56 words that we all need to learn how to spell. Some of them are easy, some are a bit trickier. I would like you to check which ones you know and make a list in your blue books of which ones you need to learn. You will need to ask someone to test you or test yourself by looking at it and covering it and copying it. We will be concentrating on the ones you don't know every day next week. Let me know how many you need to learn. You could send me a message on Purple Mash. While you are testing yourself make sure you know what all the words mean. Can you write each of the first ten words in a sentence? Check your punctuation.

For our maths activity I would like you to complete the first two sheet in your pack called, Numbers to 1000 and 100's 10's and 1's. This work is to remind you of the place value learning that we did together in January. Remember to give clear explanations when the question asks you to. Write, "I think that it is...…… because...……." You might need to speak your answer out loud before you write it down.

This afternoon I would like you to practice your Spanish alphabet from yesterday. How quickly can you say it? You can rewind the video as many times as you like to help you.

Then choose a creative activity to do from the last column of our learning grid. Have you been colouring all the activities you have done so far? I have highlighted all the activities I have set from it on my copy and now it looks like this.

Check that yours looks a bit like mine. Any tasks you haven't done try to look at this afternoon or over the weekend. You can see that the last column doesn't have anything highlighted so have a look and choose something creative to do this afternoon, you might want to carry on with it this weekend. If you don't like the look of any of those then start or add to your nature diary from the science section or do an activity from the RHS gardening site we looked at earlier in the week.

Keep an eye on Purple Mash.

I love reading your emails and looking at your work. If you are struggling to log on then please ring school and someone will be able to help you.

Have a lovely weekend,

Stay in touch

Mrs Jenkins.😊

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