Hi everyone!!

It's Friday!


I would like you to read independently for 20 minutes. Find someone nice and quiet. As you are reading note down so new and exciting vocabulary. Find the definition of any unknown words using a dictionary or an online dictionary.


Have a look at writing opportunity 5.

'Write a film review of a film you have recently watched. Give it a score out of 10 and explain why. Tell me about the positives and the negatives. Who is it appropriate for? What type of film it is?'

Plan this before you start.

I would like you to brainstorm some points you would like to share.

Can you plan your paragraphs? Imagine you are telling a film critic (someone who writes about films) about it. Use formal language in your writing.


Could you complete the next two pages in your Maths booklet. Read the task and try to understand exactly what it is asking you before you start. Use you little book to do your working out.


Could you write your own multiplication worded question?


Find the sheet in you pack named practical tasks. Firstly, I would like you to complete this task:

This involves you describing yourself as a superhero. What is your special power? What will you wear?

Draw a picture of yourself.

Next create a comic strip with YOU as the superhero. What challenges will you face? What will happen in each part of your comic strip? Draw the pictures to match the story and use speech bubbles!

Example of a comic strip.

Final Task

Have a great weekend everyone.

Keep safe, stay positive and keep active!

Miss Connearn

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