Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it’s Friday again – the week seems to have shot by.

I hope you all managed to have a go at yesterday’s work and are ready to attempt today’s tasks, before you have a well-earned break over the holidays.

Comprehension – I would like you to fine the comprehension booklet entitled ‘Poetry – Throwing a Tree’.

  • Read the poem ‘Throwing a Tree’ by Thomas Hardy carefully. It is a classic poem about two lumberjacks – people who chop down trees for a living.

  • Research these words in a dictionary, in the context that they are used, as they may be unfamiliar to you:

  1. Knoll 2) limp 3) doffed 4) hewn 5) boles

  • Use the answer booklet to answer the comprehension questions 13 to 25 in the usual way. Note question 19 is a 3 mark question so you will need to use evidence from the text to support your answer and explain what it means.

Spelling – Find the Correct the spelling booklet from your pack.

  • Complete the first 8 questions on page 2 of the booklet, where you have to choose the word spelled incorrectly and correct it in the box provided at the side.

  • Now complete the remaining 8 questions on page 2, where the circled words are spelled incorrectly and you have to correct them in the chart provided at the side.

  • Choose three words from each set of questions (3 from the top and 3 from the bottom) and write some good Year Six sentences with them. You could include some fronted adverbials e.g.

After an intense training regime, the athlete really wanted to win the competition.

fronted adverbial correct spelling

Maths – Find the Multiplication and Division Colour by numbers sheet. On the back you will find a number of multiplication or division problems. Complete the first 10 questions – remember to check your answers.

  • You need to solve the problem and then write the answer on the sheet in the space provided. That number relates to a particular colour so turn the page over and look at the table on the top left of the page. This will tell you which number represents which colour.

  • Colour the shape on the picture that links to the question e.g. the answer to question 1 means you find and shade shape 1 on the picture.

Reading – Find a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes, and read a book of your choice.

Extra task – Find the Class 6A Home Learning Challenges sheet. Find the ‘English’ column and then go down to the 3rd square entitled ‘Handwriting’. Complete this task – you could use the poem from today’s comprehension if you can’t find a poem or book passage of your own.

Good luck with the tasks and have a great weekend.

Stay safe.

Mr. A.

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