Good Morning Reception Class

This week has gone really quickly, don’t you think? So let’s finish the week well and do some brilliant learning today! Now that you have written the story of Red Riding Hood in your own words, the first writing activity that I would like you to do today is carefully cut out all the pictures from the Little Red Riding Hood Picture Story Sequence sheets and put stick them in the right order on the black and white writing frame provided. There are 6 pictures altogether. I then would like you to write a caption for each picture explaining what is happening. You can use the word mat to help you with the spellings of some of the story words and you must Fred Talk the other words. Just try your best.

The next activity that I would like you to do is on the Home Learning Challenge sheet. It is the first activity on there: ‘Little Red Riding Hood stopped to talk to the Big Bad Wolf.’ Do you think this was a good idea? Talk to a grown up about what she should have done. Now look at this ‘Stranger Danger’ poster:

It is really important that all children learn about how dangerous it can be to talk to some strangers. There are many people that you may meet that are strangers to you but they are safe. These can be doctors, dentists, police officers, teachers, librarians and shopkeepers etc. However there are some strangers that you may meet who are not safe for you to talk to at all. Have a talk with your mummy or your daddy about stranger danger. Then I want you to draw your own poster rather like the one here. You will probably have some more brilliant ideas to put on your poster.

Maths – There is only one more halving sheet for you to finish in this week’s pack. Find the sheet that asks you to draw the correct number of balls in the box and then halve them into 2 groups. Over the last 2 weeks you have been learning how to double and halve numbers up to 20. I would like you to practise your doubling and halving skills by answering these questions without having to use counters. Keep practising until you know them off by heart.

The last 2 things I want you to do today are to watch a Read, Write Inc Speed Sound lesson on YouTube and then to use the link below to log onto Oxford Owl. This is a website that has lots of reading books that you will be able to read. Look at the Oxford Level 1+ band books first as these are at the level that most of you are on. Only try the next level up which is Oxford Level 2 red level when you can easily read this pink band and are really good at blending sounds to read words. Reading ebooks is something that I want you to try and do every day to keep practising your reading as you were all getting really good and confident readers before we had to stay at home. The link is

Have a super duper day everyone!

Mrs Abram

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