Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Now I spoke to a parent last week about their child struggling with their reading so I wanted to post this link to Read, Write Inc, this is the phonics and reading scheme we use in the infants. If you follow the link it will take you to a page of support for home learning and it explains that they have a youtube channel where they are doing 7 spelling, phonics and reading lessons everyday. Each lesson is 15 minutes long and is on their for 24hours.

Year 2 children will know Speed Sounds 1 but I would imagine some will need to revise and practise Speed Sounds 2 and 3 so focus on those lessons. There is also some story time and Poetry videos too. So take a look as this will support parents/carers to support their child's reading.

English: Today I would like you to access the bbcbitesize lesson for today 4th May. Its focus is to develop you vocabulary through phonics. This ties in with learning some facts about the UK too.

Maths: In Maths I would like you to complete the maths challenges from friday on bbc bitesize 1st May Maths lesson. There are four main challenges so have a go properly then access the answers to check if you got them right. Then I would like you to do the lesson for today on part whole relationships and fact families. Load up the worksheets and complete them in your exercise book.


Please check that you are up to date and have completed all the purple mash 2do's first.

RE: Last time I set you work in RE it was to learn about a Christian church and learn the special things inside a church. Today I would like you to think of a place that is special to you.

Open the powerpoint,

Lesson presentation special places

Lesson presentation special places. Read through all the slides to slide 9 and listen to the children describe their special places. Then I would like you to draw a picture of your special place inside your exercise book and describe it in a paragraph. You will need to describe why it is special to you, what special things are there, what you do there and how it makes you feel when you're there.

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