Hi everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. I spent mine cleaning cars and mowing the lawns. But, as it is Monday, it’s time to get down to some school work. Hooray!!

Spelling - For starters today, I’d like you to find the spelling sheet entitled Common Confusions 2.

  • Read the example given at the top of the page – The remember box explains what you are doing. We are looking at the confusion between word endings of adjectives and nouns.

  • Have a go at completing sections 1, 2 and 3

  • Once completed you need to check your spellings to see if they are correct. The best way is with a dictionary or online. You can put a tick next to those you spelled correctly and correct those you perhaps mis-spelled.

  • Now complete the read cover write sentence on the bottom of the page.

Writing – Find the Writing Opportunity sheet in your pack.

  • Look at picture 4 – a girl with a giraffe on a lead. That is a bit of a strange animal to have as a pet and take for a walk don’t you think?

  • First you are asked to choose any animal you like as a pet – I think it would be more interesting to choose an animal you wouldn’t normally have, like a giraffe or maybe a flamingo or perhaps a giant snail. Explain why you have chosen that animal.

  • You could draw your pet and you, then describe it in detail.

  • You need to explain how you came to own this pet and remember you have always been together which suggest you got the animal when it was little and it has stayed with you until fully grown You have taught it all it knows. (Was it a present, did you find it, did you rescue it ?)

  • Now write about an adventure you and your pet have been on or would like to go on.

Maths – If you didn’t finish the colour by number sheet from Friday, then I would like you to finish that first today.

If you did finish it, I’d like you to find the page entitled Rounding up or down – page 25.

  • Read the examples at the top of the page. They look the same but they are actually different and you need to make sure that your answer actually answers the question.

  • Have a go at section A and section B; remember if your sheets are not printed on both sides you could cut the questions out, stick them in your book and then work them out. If your sheet is double sided – you will have to copy each question out before you start.

  • If you manage to finish, then have a go at the challenge section (section C) – these are similar questions but using bigger numbers.

Reading – Remember to find a quiet place where you can read a book of your choice, uninterrupted, for at least 20 mins.

Extra task – Find the Home Learning Challenges sheet from your pack.

  • Find the Science column and go to the second box down. You will find a bbc bitesize website to log into.

  • Watch the video and try to create a poem, song or mnemonic to inform younger children of the order of the planets - starting with the one closest to the sun. Try to be original

A mnemonic is a technique which helps people retain information e.g.

My Very Excellent Mum Just Served Us Nachos.

The M stands for Mercury V for Venus E for Earth etc

Try your best everyone and remember to stay safe.

Mr A.

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