Hopefully you were able to access the Read, write inc phonics lessons.

I apologies that I didn't post you next list of spellings so here they are for you to practise.

English: With VE day coming up on the 8th May, I would like you to learn about it and find it what it's all about from the resources I have put on my post.

I have attached a link to Picture news, which has some good information about VE Day and great questions for you to think about.

1.VE Day 75th Anniversary

2.VE Day 75th Anniversary

I would also like you to open the VE Day powerpoint and that has lots of information about it and a little quiz at the end to check if you really read and understood the information. You may need a parent to help you read some of the words.

VE Day Powerpoint

Once you have learnt about VE Day I would like you to write either an information poster explaining all about VE Day, what it is? Why we celebrate it? What happened during the war? Why is it so important to remember it? You can add some pictures too. Or if you prefer you could write an explanation text and explain in paragraphs of writing all about VE Day.

Maths: Oak National Academy have some great online learning. So as I directed you last week to look at 2D and 3D shape, I would like you to complete these lessons this week. I will direct you each day which one I would liek you to do.

Today complete lesson 1-Identify shapes by the number and sides of vertices.



I would like you to complete the activity on the picture news poster and draw an picture of a soldier to put in your window on VE day.

Enjoy! Feel free to send me pictures of the soldiers through purple mash email or dojo.

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