Good morning everybody.

Today is a day of lots of short tasks to check your learning and to give you a chance to complete some more of our grid.

First check your spellings. You should have the sheet above in your packs and should have tested yourself to see which ones you need to learn. Spend 20 minutes on ten words that you don't know how to spell. Copy them, look carefully at them, shut your eyes and try to remember them, cover the word then try to spell it. Now tick the letters you got right and look at the parts you got wrong. Cover it and try again. Did you get it right. How many do you know now? I am going to ask you to test yourself on all of them on Friday!

Next two reading activities. First read silently for 15 minutes. Read one of your school books, a book on oxford owl or the next chapter of "The Golden Apple Tree" on purple mash.

Then choose a comprehension from your pack. There should still be two that you haven't done. Read the text twice and answer the questions in your blue books. Write the date and use your best handwriting. If you want a challenge there are some extension tasks after the questions.

Have a break and then lets try some maths.

Have a look at the maths column on your challenge grid. Lets do the right angle challenge.

First watch this lesson and try some of the tasks, it will help if you have forgotten what a right angle is. Click on the green spots on the bottom of the screen to move the lesson on and you will find a video to watch, some key vocabulary and a reminder of how to make a right angle finder. Do you remember making these in class?

Then go on that hunt around your home. How many right angles can you find. Make a record of them in your blue book, either as a list or by drawing pictures and labelling the right angle.

To identify right angles in shapes | Primary | Maths

Main Activity. The slides opposite will take you through the main activity for the lesson. If you need to re-play the video to follow instructions, or refresh your memory, just click the minimised video in the top-right of the screen.

This afternoon we would be doing some science. Choose a task from our grid, maybe observe an ice cube, add to your nature diary or look at the links on the grid and try one of the activities that you like the look off. Make a note of whatever task you choose in your blue book under todays date so that we can talk about what we did when you get back. I will let you know how I get on with my ice cube challenge tomorrow!

Stay safe and stay in touch,

Mrs Jenkins 😊

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