Good morning Year 4!

I hope you are feeling ready for the day ahead and enjoying your learning so far this week?

Let’s begin with 20 minutes of reading, or you could listen to today’s short story at and then answer three questions from your reading tasks, please answer these in your books. There are also reading tasks on purple mash you can have a go at, including a quiz to answer questions about what you have read.

Now find week 2 day 2 in your learning pack. Please complete today’s spellings by using the look/say/cover/write/check method. Did you get the right? Don’t forget to keep practising any that you are still finding tricky.

Next write a sentence for each work either on that sheet or in your exercise book. Please use a conjunction or comma in your sentence to make it a super detailed complex sentence with adjectives, adverbs and different punctuation. Check and self-edit once you are done.

For maths, complete the conversion table I have given you. Use this video to help you with dividing and multiplying by 1000 Then complete the bar models and statements.

Next in English, think of 8 different adverbs and then put each one into a sentence. Eg. Quickly = Alfie ran to the other end of the playground quickly. (Remember that the adverb doesn’t always need to be at the beginning of the sentence.)

Now choose one history or geography challenge from your grid and complete in your exercise book.

Finally, end your day with a workout from Joe Wicks!

Well done!

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