Hello everyone!

Hope you enjoyed the work yesterday.

Ready for today? Lets have a go...


Find a quiet place and read for 20 minutes. Search for any new vocabulary and find the definition.


Yesterday we had a look at Writing Opportunity 3. I have copied it below in case you has misplaced it.

We researched deforestation and answered these questions:

What is it?

Who is to blame?

Where does it happen?

Why does it happen?

What are the effects of it?

Today I would like you to make an information leaflet about deforestation including all the information you found yesterday. If you didn't research this yesterday you can do it today and put it straight into a leaflet.

You can make this yourself by folding you paper, or I have set a 2do on Purple Mash called 'Rainforest' where you can complete this task.

Could you also have a go at the 2 do 'Deforestation debate.' This involves you looking at the positives and negatives of the forests being cut down.


Could you complete the next two pages in you Maths booklet. Take you time to work out what it is asking and think about what we have done in class.

Email me with any problems.

Some of you also had a planet maths sheet in you pack, I would like you to have a go at this today also. This is problem solving, so you might not get the answer first time, persevere.

VE Day

This Friday is a special day! VE Day! This year it is a public bank holiday, which means everybody is off work. This is because it is 75th Anniversary of VE Day, 75 years since victory in Europe.

In class we learnt about World War II. I would like you to watch the video in the link below all about VE Day.

This week I will set lots of tasks ready for Friday. Maybe you could tell everyone at home about it.

This afternoon could you make some bunting to decorate your house ready, or your bedroom? Something they did in every household and street at the time.

Here is a template you could draw, then all you do is fold and glue the fold. Don't forget to put string or wool in to connect it all together. Have a look at the examples below.

Have a go and please send me some pictures on Purple Mash of it finished ones!

We have some up in school also!

Enjoy everyone!

Miss Connearn

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