Morning all,

I hope you all managed to have a go at the tasks set for you yesterday.

Today’s tasks are as follows:

Comprehension: Find the two non-fiction texts about the sun and the moon.

· Read both texts (one at a time of course) and answer the questions in the spaces provided. Remember that we are looking to spend no more than 20 minutes per text.

· Now find the Spring English Activity booklet (it has two chicks on the cover) and read the text entitled ‘Spring in Australia.’ Complete the first four questions relating to this text.

· Look at task Number 5 – it asks you to re-write the information on page 8 in the form of a fact sheet about Spring in Australia. You can include headings, sub-headings, bullet points and illustrations and remember to make it interesting to look at.

Maths: Find the Spring Maths activity booklet (it has two lambs on the cover) and turn to page 5. You will see some more code breaking questions. This time you have to multiply some decimal numbers (there will be a decimal point somewhere) with some whole numbers.

· First use the code breaker to work out what the multiplication question is.

· Now solve the multiplication question in the usual way. Remember, if there are two digits after the decimal point in the question , there must be two digits after the decimal point in the answer.

· Now turn to page 6 – have a go at completing the Maths Mosaic challenge. It is a colour by numbers challenge which involves you multiplying a decimal number by a whole number.

Spelling: Find the Correct the spelling mistake booklet. Turn to page 3.

· Find and correct the mis-spelled word in the first 8 sentences. Your answers should go in the empty column at the side.

· Now have a go at the next eight sentences. Here, the incorrect spellings are circled. All you have to do is write the correct spelling of the circled word in the space provided.

· Now check your spellings in a dictionary to see if you were correct.

· Choose three words from the first task and three words from the second task and write some good year 6 sentences using your selected words e.g.

After eating the very sour apple pie, cooked by his gran, the boy complained of a really painful stomach ache.

Reading: Now find a quiet place where you can read a book of your choice,without interruption, for at least 20 minutes.

Extra task: Find the Home learning Challenges sheet. Go to the column headed ‘Creative’ and go to the second box down. It has a link to a bbc bitesize page for you to follow. Watch the video about drawing aliens and then have a go at creating your own.

Have a good day and stay safe

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