Good morning Reception Class

I hope that you enjoyed your home learning yesterday and that you are reading the ebooks on Oxford Owl. It is really important that you go onto that website every day and read at least one book a day. You can keep going back to the same book to re-read it if you want to but make sure you challenge yourself and read a new book every day. If you do this and watch a Speed Sound lesson every day on YouTube, then you will carry on making progress and not forget how to read! The link is

The first writing activity that I want you to do today is to read The Hungry Caterpillar story again with someone. Have you noticed that the author has included the days of the week? Why do you think he has done this? Have a chat with your mummy and tell her why you think he has done this. I want you to cut out the days of the week that you will find in the pack. It says ‘Days of the Week’ and ‘Tuesday 2’ at the top of the sheet. Once you have cut them out, mix them up and then put them in the right order again. Do this a few times so that you recognise them straight away and don’t have to sound them out to read them every time. Once you know them, copy them down in your green book in your best handwriting.

The next activity that I would like you to do is think about the activities you enjoy doing each week when we are not in lockdown. Do you go to football club or swimming lessons? Do you sometimes sleep over at your grandma and grandad’s house on a Saturday night? What about during lockdown? Is there anything that you do on a certain day?

Maybe, at the moment, all the days are the same and you do very little. Maybe you go for a walk or and play outside if the weather is nice. Maybe your mummy goes food shopping. I know that it is hard to do lots of different things at the moment. I go for a walk for an hour and a half every day. I go to the same place and see the same people with their dogs but I could write something different about my walk depending on what or who was there. Today I got my shoes and the bottom of my trousers soaking wet through as the water level was too high and it covered the stepping stones that I usually step on to get across the stream. My feet were squelching all the way home! That didn’t happen yesterday and I hope it doesn’t happen tomorrow.

What I want you to do is stick each day of the week in the right order in the green book and write a sentence for each one, telling me what you did on this day. It doesn’t have to be exciting or funny – I just want you write something for each day.

Maths – I want you to find the activity in your pack that has been stapled together. It has a green border all the way round, the days of the week written in order and the very hungry caterpillar at the top. Out of its mouth is a speech bubble and it is saying “Match the story cards to the correct day of the week.” Either stick the pictures of the foods without writing, or if you feel confident, read the pictures with writing underneath and find the right ones, matching them to the correct days of the week. You will need to check with the story to see if you have got them all right. Please cut them out carefully and stick them on the sheet.

If you want to do some more learning today, then you can choose from the new Art Activities, Building and Modelling, Exploring and Measuring, Helping Round the Home, Make Believe and Play or the Movement sheets. I have put some caterpillar craft ideas in the pack too if you want to do one of those.

Have a brilliant day

Mrs Abram

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