Hi all,

Hope you had fun learning all about VE Day yesterday. I think it would be great to carry on with this theme as it is a very important event in our history.

Spelling: Keep practising your spellings by the look, say, cover, write method.

English: I would like you to look at the picture and write down words to describe how they were feeling when they found out that the war had ended. Have a discussion with an adult at home about, how they would have found out that the war had ended?, why exactly do you think they were so happy that it was over?, What kind of things they would have done to celebrate?, What would they talk about or enjoy the most?

You will use your ideas in tomorrow's lesson so record them in your exercise book.

Maths: Lesson 2 - Identifying right angles in shapes.


I would like you to start thinking of the kind of celebration you would have on VE day. If possible have a celebration on friday at home or even outside if you have an outdoor area or garden.

I would like you to write a list of all the things that you would have at your VE Day celebration e.g. a list of foods you would have, what decorations you would need and also the entertainment you would put on.

Try to stick to simple but fun you never know you might be able to throw your own celebration at home. So in the meantime use this afternoon to create some bunting to put up in the window or outside. Here are some ideas.

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