Good morning.

Today I thought we would start with something to think about or talk about with someone else in your home. What do you think about the news written by the side of the photo? What do the people who are helping you with your work think? Talk about it and then use a page in your exercise book to make a poster persuading people to stay at home or to follow the rules if they have to go out. I am in school today and will be doing this with the children who are in the building. If we make some good posters we will display them around school. You could send me yours on purple mash and I could print it out.

After that please do 20 minutes of independent reading. You should be getting good at this now. If you are reading "The golden Apple Tree" with me on purple mash then you can answer the questions online. If you are reading your own book can you write down ten words that the author uses that you think work well in the book. Write them down in your blue book and then use them in a sentence of your own. Borrowing vocabulary like this from published authors can really add to our own writing.

Next check your spellings. How are you getting on with the list in your pack? Choose 10 tricky ones and write them out in a pyramid. This is a different way of learning how to spell words and might help you.









Have a break and then lets do some maths.

Todays lesson is on symmetry and you will need a piece of paper and some scissors. You will find the link here. Click on the green spots at the bottom to move onto the video of the teacher talking to you. Watch carefully when she cuts the paper.

To recognise lines of symmetry within 2-D shapes | Primary | Maths

Today, we will be discussing what symmetry is. We will identify lines of symmetry within shapes.

After the lesson have a look around the house for some everyday objects. Can you draw them and put on any lines of symmetry?

This afternoon I want to finish our history and geography work on buildings in our town. Have a look at the creative task on your grid. If you were building a new tower to help us remember something what would it look like, where in Darwen would you put it and what would it be for? Maybe it would mark VE day or maybe remind people in the future of the lockdown and the people who are helping us through it. You could make a model of your tower out of boxes and paper or you could draw it and label the features. Would it say anything on it? What shapes would you use? Would it be made of glass or stone or wood? Be as creative as you can be. If you have time follow the links to the songs from earlier in the week or keep fit by doing a workout with Joe.

Have a lovely day, stay safe and stay in touch.

Mrs Jenkins.😊

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