Good morning everyone!!

Happy Wednesday!

Ready for today's tasks? I hope so.


You have some short reading comprehensions in your pack. Choose one to complete this morning. This involves reading a short piece of text and answering five questions about it. Take your time.


Could you complete a page from your spelling booklet. We all have different so choose the next task along.

I challenge you to learn how to spell 2 new words today.


Today I would like you to complete writing opportunities eight and nine.

I have copied them below.

This involves some research into the Greek Gods. Choose one Greek God/Goddess and tell me all about them. Collect as much information as possible. The link below will help.

I have set a 2 do on Purple Mash for this if you would prefer to complete it on there.

Who were the ancient Greek gods and heroes? - BBC Bitesize

The Greeks believed that gods and goddesses watched over them. These gods were a bit like humans, but they lived forever and were much more powerful. They felt human emotions, like love, anger and ...

Next is task nine. You get to create your own Greek God! Read the brief carefully and have fun with this! Can you draw a picture to match your description?


I would like you to complete one page from your Maths booklet to start with.

The next task is from the challenge grid. Follow the link below and choose some Maths games to have a go at. Make sure you challenge yourself.

Most Popular Free Maths Games - Mathsframe

The most popular free interactive KS2 maths games in the last week. Help Stone Age Stu in his wildly anachronistic battle with the dinos. Select the correct answers to the multiplication questions by hitting them with your club. More levels will be added soon. Stone Age Stu - Times Tables ? Match the Wall - Maths Game ?


Follow the link and crack the code using the WW2 symbols. Could you then make your own code and give it to someone in your household to solve.

Become a WW2 Codebreaker -

Become a WW2 Codebreaker The Bletchley Park Codebreakers Bletchley Park was the top-secret home of the Allied codebreakers in Britain and a birthplace of modern information


Make your own symbols for each letter of the alphabet to create a secret message!

If you finish early, could you add to your bunting you started yesterday, ready for VE Day?

I have been reading your emails on Purple Mash, it sounds like you are working very hard!

Stay safe everyone!

Miss Connearn

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