Hello everyone,

Here are your tasks for today.

Spelling – Find the ‘Tricky ending’ word-search (it is green) in your pack.

· Find all the words listed in the box at the bottom of the wordsearch.

· Once you have found them, organise them into alphabetical order and write them down.

· Choose six words that are perhaps new to you or that you are not quite sure what they mean and look them up in a dictionary or online. On the back of the sheet or in your book, copy the definition of the word.

· Now using your chosen words create some good year six sentences and this time you may wish to use some expanded noun phrases e.g.

The tiny, bearded, red-haired leprechaun became most mischievous at night tome.

Maths – Find the sheet ‘Multi-step’ word problems (page 38)

· Read and look at the example at the top of the page. It shows you how many steps are needed to get to the eventual answer e.g.

A tie shop has 684 ties for sale. 684

One ninth are sold on Friday 684 ÷ 9 (you find one ninth by dividing by 9) = 76

129 are sold on Saturday 129 + 76 = 215 ( add up all the ties that are sold)

How many ties are left? 684 – 215 = 469 ties are left.

· Have a go at the first two sections (Sections A and B). If your sheets are printed on one side, you can cut out the questions, stick them in your exercise book and solve them next to it. If not you’ll have to write the question out first then solve it.

· Try the challenge section (Section C) if you have time.

Writing: Find the Home Learning challenge sheet and go to the Science column. Go to the last box and read the instructions. They are about quiz making.

· Create a space themed quiz for someone you know. It must have at least 10 space themed questions and should not be either too easy or too hard. Of course you will need to know the answers first to know if they are right. You can use a variety of answer types e.g. true/false answers, multiple choice answers or simple one word answers to make your quiz interesting.

e.g. True or false ? - The temperature on the surface of the sun is 5505 degrees C. True False


What is the temperature on the surface of the sun ?

a) 4489 degrees C b) 2345 degrees C or C) 5505 degrees C

You can do your own ‘Space’ research on the computers and/or use the comprehension sheets about space in your pack to come up with some great questions and answers. Good luck.

Reading – Don’t forget to find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.

Have a good day and stay safe

Mr A.

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