Good morning everyone,

Are you ready for today’s learning? Let’s get started!

The first activity today is a talking one. I want you to look very carefully at the Very Hungry Caterpillar story again. Look at how it changes from a tiny egg at the start of the story on a leaf to a butterfly at the end of the story.

Notice how the caterpillar grows and changes throughout the story. Now I want you to ask someone in your house to be your audience and listen to you as you describe these changes. Try to use some interesting words as you talk like tiny white egg, fat green caterpillar and beautiful shimmering butterfly.

Have a look in your pack for the non-fiction information that I wrote for you. It says ‘Caterpillars and Butterflies’ on the top and there are three sheets stapled together. Listen carefully whilst your mummy or daddy reads the text to you. Have you noticed how this writing is different from a story? It isn’t made up – it is real information. It has been separated into what we call paragraphs. There are headings, pictures, photographs and caption. Captions are sentences that go with a picture or photograph, explaining or describing what is in the picture or photograph.

Listen carefully whilst your mummy or daddy reads the poem ‘The Caterpillar’ by Ian Larmont (in the pack)

Share the poem again and try to do the actions. Now I want you to copy this poem in your very best handwriting in the green book. You don’t have to copy the actions, just the lines of the poem as I think it is a good idea to practise writing neatly, making sure that all the letters are written properly and all the right size. Try to stay on the lines. To finish, I would like you to draw and colour in a beautiful butterfly. Make sure that the wings are symmetrical. This means that the patterns are the same on both sides. Here are some symmetrical patterns for you to have a look at:

If you have got some paints and paper at home, then you can paint some butterflies like the ones in the last box. Cut out a butterfly shape (get someone to help you do this) and then fold it in half down the middle. Open it up and put blobs of different coloured paint on one side. Fold over the butterfly’s wings and gently rub them together to spread the paint around. When you open the wings again, you will have a beautiful, symmetrical pattern on the wings

Maths – Find the two sheets that have ‘HUNGRY CATERPILLAR’ as the title. It is colourful with spots all over it and the days of the week written in boxes. I want you to cut out the food carefully and stick it in the correct box. Finish this activity by writing a sentence for each box too, writing what the caterpillar eats on each day.

There are lots of extra art and craft activities in the pack that you can choose to do once you have finished these activities. Don’t forget to go onto Oxford Owl and read a book or two, and try to watch a Speed Sound Lesson to on YouTube as well.

Enjoy today’s learning and have a great day everyone!

Mrs Abram

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