I hope the VE party planning went well yesterday.

English: I would like you to write diary entry. From the picture I would like you to choose someone to pretend to be. You are going to write a diary entry as if you were them and you had just found out it the war had ended and you were taking part in the big VE Day celebrations.

For example if you chose to pretend to be one of the ladies standing next to the table, you might give her a name like Joan. Joan has just found out that her husband who has been fighting away from the family during the war is coming home for good. Can you describe how Joan would feel? What kind of atmosphere would there be at the street party? What food would Joan be enjoying? Who would she be talking to? Would she join in in any joyful singing do you think?

Start your entry:

Dear Diary,

I have woken up today feeling like a weight has been lifted! It's the VE Day street party and I can hardly believe it is all real........


Follow the link and complete lesson 3. To recognise shapes with lines of symmetry.


Have you completed you party list and bunting? Now I'd like you have a go at either drawing the food that would be on your table or if an adult can support you perhaps you could have a go at baking a cake for the VE party. Make sure you create a party menu that has lots of different things e.g. drinks, savoury food and sweets.

If you prefer you could have a go at the purple mash 2do, to design a poppy. Remember to put some detail in to it.

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