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Good morning everybody.

We are going to think about grammar today. In your pack there should be a sheet called "Types of nouns." It reminds you that a noun is a word in a sentence that is the name of something. It can be a proper noun which would have a capital letter, a common noun or a collective noun which is a name given to a group of things. Try the first sheet to test your understanding of that. Then work through the bitesize lesson and activities.

If you have done the sheet in the pack click on the twinkl sheet and complete that in your blue exercise book.

Next do twenty minutes of reading, pay attention to the nouns that the author of your book uses. Make a list of ten nouns that you have found as you were reading today.

Check your spelling list. Use your favourite way of learning spellings to practice ten more that you find tricky and remind yourself of the ones you learnt yesterday and the day before. Try writing it with your finger on the back of someone at home and see if they can say the letters that you are forming. Do they know which word you are spelling out? Try using the finger spelling to learn a word. Give your sheet to an adult and spell out the letters of the word you are learning to spell. Can they identify it?

Have a break and then some times table or maths games on purple mash. How is your multiplication monster doing? I will look today and see whose is the biggest.

Have a look at this lesson on 3D shapes. It will help you remember some of the learning we did just after Christmas.

This afternoon it is time for our second Spanish lesson. How did you get on with your alphabet last week. This week we are going to try to introduce ourselves in Spanish. Follow the ink and listen carefully to how the teacher says the sounds.

Good luck


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