Hello everyone. How are we? This week has flown by for me so far, what about you?

Let’s begin with 20 minutes of reading, or you could listen to today’s short story at and then answer three questions from your reading tasks, please answer these in your books. There are also reading tasks on purple mash you can have a go at, including a quiz to answer questions about what you have read.

Now let’s get up and active! Complete a session:

Now find week 2 day 4 in your learning pack. Please complete today’s spellings by using the look/say/cover/write/check method. Did you get the right? Don’t forget to keep practising any that you are still finding tricky. Next write a sentence for each work either on that sheet or in your exercise book. Please use a conjunction or comma in your sentence to make it a super detailed complex sentence with adjectives, adverbs and different punctuation. Check and self-edit once you are done.

In Maths, can you find a way through each of the number mazes for today, in which the numbers add to exactly 100? You could use different coloured pencils each time you try a route. There are three mazes for you in case one gets a little hard to read. If you would like to challenge yourself further:

  • What is the lowest number you can make going through the maze?

  • What is the highest number you can make going through the maze? (Remember you may not go through any cell more than once.)

In English, plan your own Wishing Tale in the story planning table in your pack for today. Remember only a couple of simple sentences is needed for the plan! No speech or detail- this will come later.

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