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Happy Thursday!

So tomorrow is a annual Bank Holiday, 75th anniversary of VE Day. I have set lots of VE Day tasks today, ready for this event.



Follow this link to the VE Day comprehension. Read the text and answer the questions in your writing book.


There are lots of people, who fought in WW2, still alive today. For example Captain Tom, who we have seen on the news recently. I received an update asking for letters from the younger generation, which is you, to the older generation, telling them all you know about VE Day.

This is a great opportunity to show off your knowledge and ask lots of relevant questions. It is also a time we can thank these people for the role they played in British history.

You can copy this template into your book, or complete it on the computer. Send me some of your letters.


An army officer placed lots of orders during the War. He ordered kit from this list below.

Below are some of the orders he put in. Work out how much each separate order cost. Write the answers in your book. Find out how much the items were and add them together.

Some questions involve you rounding the answer.

Royal engineers, Platoon 4. Lieutenant’s Order Form:

2 pairs of socks and 1 flashlight issued to sapper troy.


1 pair of boots, 1 helmet and 2 ration packs issued to lance corporal Jenkins.


1 pair of trousers, 1 gas mask and 1 compass issued to Sargent Johnson.


1 entrenching tool, 1 canteen and 1 light trench coat issued to sapper brown.


1 parachute, 1 gas mask and 2 pairs of socks issued to sapper moise.


5 shirts and 3 pairs of trousers to be issued to D section.


1 light trench coat, 2 ration packs and 1 pair of boots to be issued to Sargent digby. Round this to the nearest pound.

1 gas mask, 1 helmet to be issued to staff sergeant pierce. Round this to the nearest tenth.


How much did sapper troy and Sargent johnson’s kit cost altogether?

How many gas masks were ordered altogether?

What was the total cost of the lieutenant’s order? Write your answer in numbers and in words.

If the platoon budget was £1200. How much money is left?


Could you create a piece of art which shows the soldiers in WW2. There are some examples below or you could research some famous artists and copy their work.


After WW2 ended the country celebrated with street parties. Everything was red, white and blue. Could you create a Stay at Home 75th Anniversary invitation, encouraging everyone to celebrate this event in their own house.

Hope you enjoy this work. Don't forget to send some finished pieces to be put on the school website.

Miss Connearn

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