Good morning Reception Class

We are working our way through this week 3 pack but still have quite a lot of learning to do before we can go onto week 4, so let’s get started!

Writing activity:

Look at the sequencing words: First, Next, Then, After, Later and Finally that are in the pack. See if you can read them with someone’s help. They are used in writing to help the writer to put the events in a particular order. I want you to use the sequencing words to describe how a caterpillar changes, e.g. First a caterpillar is inside a tiny white egg. Then it hatches… etc.

Once you have practised saying the sentences out loud, I want you to write them on one of the writing frames provided in the pack. Make sure you describe and explain how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly.

Three levels of writing-frame are available to help you – you choose which one is the right level for you (resources in the pack).

Hard: Children write a short descriptive paragraph outlining how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly.

Medium: Children write a correctly punctuated sentence that accurately relates to each picture.

Easy: Children discuss the lifecycle of a caterpillar and with someone else’s help, tries to write a simple sentence for each picture.

Once you have finished this writing activity, read the Caterpillars and Butterflies non-fiction text together with someone again. I want you to talk about the meaning of some of the interesting topic words in the text, e.g. pupa, metamorphosis, crysallis. You can write them in the green book and write what they mean or what they are next to the word. I will be really impressed and proud of you if you learn these new words. You can tell me all about the lifecycle of a caterpillar using these words when we are next all in school together!

Maths – There are 3 ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar Addition’ sheets in the pack that I would like you to find and do. You can do the first sheet really easily but they do get slightly harder on sheet 3. Make sure that all of your numbers are the right way round. Next I want to you challenge yourself and draw some more fruit addition sums in the orange book. Try and work with numbers up to 20 or maybe 30 if you want a further challenge. Maybe you can add 3 or 4 sets of numbers together, like the one I have done for you here:

Once you have done all of the writing and maths activities, you can choose to do any of the other Home Learning challenges or any of the other activities that are in the pack. Don’t forget to look on Oxford Owl to do your daily reading and YouTube for your daily Speed Sound Lesson as well.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Abram

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