I hope you all had a nice bank holiday and were able to have some celebrations for the 75th anniversary of VE Day!

From today there is a new 3 week home learning pack that you can collect from school to keep you going. I have not put in a reading book this time but you can exchange the current reading book you have for another, if you return it to school, as there is always someone in daily. I will still be posting home learning on this page too so you can decide what you prefer to do.

Today I would like you to have a go at Joe Wicks fitness to get your brain switched on and your body active.

Spellings to practise this week are:

English: As the spellings are focusing on adjectives, comparatives and superlatives I would like you to find some more examples of these and write them in to you exercise book.

Adjectives: Describing words such as, brave, nice, cute.

Comparatives: Compare two things such as, braver, nicer, cuter.

Superlatives: Compare three of more things such as, bravest, nicest, cutest.

Task: I would like you to think of your own adjective, comparative and superlative. Can you come up with 5 different ones. Then can you write a sentence using each word, first the adjective then the comparative and then the superlative? Remember to present your sentences neatly.

E.g. big, bigger, biggest

Maths: Click on the link to take you to the bbc bitesize lesson 11th May on adding and subtracting two digit numbers with tens.

Complete any worksheets by writing the answers into your exercise book. Put the date and learning objective from the lesson.


RE: Special Places of worship. Last RE lesson you were reflecting on a place that was special to you. Today I would like you to load up the power point special places, from slide 10 and look at the pictures of places of worship and think about the questions about what they all have in common. After learning about some of the different places that people go to worship, I would like you to think of some of the qualities that these places all have e.g. calm, peaceful, spiritual, family etc Have a look at the example of the word cloud and then make your own up of words that you have thought about. Record this in your book using different colours and sizes, for the words.


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